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Avernum Annotated Maps

Main Map

Click on a sector to view the annotated map. Four additional maps are below the main map - these are for dungeons that were too big and complicated to appear in their sector. See the index if you have something in mind but do not know which sector it is in (such as a spell, quest item, person, etc. The index really is extensive. Very, very extensive).

Motrax Maze

Special Areas

A few areas were too complex to throw onto the outdoor sector they were in, so they have their separate annotated maps, and these are the links to them:

Mapping Notes

On the Surface: There are several Chasms which are apparently impassable - these require the Orb of Thralni to fly over them. Go find it in the Waterfall Warren.

On Dungeons: I tried to mark fixed encounters and decent treasure. I generally marked mundane treasure only when it was in a special place. Many monsters regenerate, so you may encounter more than I listed. I tried to note when special events triggered additional monsters, but sometimes I couldn't tell that from regeneration ('respawning' is the new popular word, I guess). Some monster encounters are random within guidelines, so you may face a slightly different quantity than I did. The maps will still give you a really good idea what to expect.

On Towns: I only marked "Not Your" items if I could steal them successfully, and if they were any good. On the other hand, I do not differentiate stealing from not stealing on the maps. My character's morals end where people's sight ends. There's lots of mundane stuff, "not yours" or otherwise, I didn't bother to mark (except in the first town, figuring first level characters need to grab everything possible before they can afford to start being discriminate).

On the Demo: The demo is the 10 sectors in the NE corner of the map. From Fort Draco down to the Honeycomb and over to Motrax Maze down to Mertis Area. That represents 23.8 % of the outside area, but only about 15 % of the whole game in terms of dungeons and quests. Some of the stuff I marked on the maps isn't available in the demo (things you have to come back and get or do) and I made no attempt to differentiate those things on the maps. Registration really is worth it if you are into this sort of RPG - only 25 bucks for some eighty hours of play (and that's just if you only play through once - though if you use the character editor and ignore the sidequests, the game can be completed much, much faster).

The names of the Sectors: I named each sector an 'area' if it contained multiple places to go (e.g. Formello Area because it also contains the Hidden Tower), but just named it after the one place in it if only one place was interesting there (e.g. Almaria). Unless there was some overriding reason to name the sector something else, in which case I did (e.g. Waterfall Warren or Motrax Maze).

The Calendar of Avernum

For lack of a better place, I provide the calendar of Avernum here. It's hard to tell which month is first since the game starts on a random day in the year 817. My first party is in the year 818, but I didn't notice whether it switched over on the first of a given month, or on their anniversary date of entering Avernum - I suspect the later, since I've never noticed the year increment in any other game.

The order of the months, however, is known. Each month has 35 days. There are a few holidays throughout the year with special game effects. Plus on the first day of any month, you can walk right into the Ancient Crypt in the Motrax Maze without level 3 Unlock Doors.

Month Holiday(s)
Rememberance 1st - Avernum's Birth - 0 gold training
Suncome 15th - High Alignment - all melee attacks do double damage
Radiane 14th - Day of Recall - all shops closed
Empire 8th - Night of Vengeance - all melee weapons cheaper
Icefall 1st - Low Alignment - all melee attacks do half damage
Frost 29th - Battle Eve/Grah-Hoth's Defeat - all spells 2/3ds regular cost
Evermoon 3rd - The Terror - more wandering monsters


You can write me at hasen@flash.net - let me know if I missed or misspelled anything.

Copyright and Authorship Info

Avernum is copyright 2000-2001 by Spiderweb Software, Inc. - http://www.spiderwebsoftware.com, All Rights Reserved.
"Avernum" and "Spiderweb Software" are trademarks of Spiderweb Software, Inc.
The annotated maps were made by silver Harloe in 2001, In 2011, his website was discontinued. I have been persuaded by my peers at the Spiderweb Software Forum to re-host them here.
For posterity's sake, here is Silver's Original Home Page.
Express written permission is hereby granted to Jeff Vogel and Spiderweb Software, Inc. to use this content in whole or in part, to modify or redistribute it, or even to take over the copyright.

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