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Avernum 2 Annotated Maps

Main Map

Click on a sector to view the annotated map. Four additional maps are below the main map - these are for dungeons that were too big and complicated to appear in their sector. See the index if you have something in mind but do not know which sector it is in (such as a spell, quest item, person, etc. The index really is extensive. Very, very extensive).

Tunnel to
Vahnatai Lands

Vahnatai Lands

Special Areas

Some areas don't fit neatly onto the world map, so these are the links to them:


I've included Matt P's Cheat hints here which includes the complete item list needed to get additional items through the Character Editor.

Mapping Notes

On the Surface: There are several Chasms which are apparently impassable - these require the Orb of Thralni to fly over them. Go find it in the Waterfall Warren.

On Dungeons: I tried to mark fixed encounters and decent treasure. I generally marked mundane treasure only when it was in a special place. Many monsters regenerate, so you may encounter more than I listed. I tried to note when special events triggered additional monsters, but sometimes I couldn't tell that from regeneration ('respawning' is the new popular word, I guess). Some monster encounters are random within guidelines, so you may face a slightly different quantity than I did. The maps will still give you a really good idea what to expect.

On Towns: I only marked "Not Your" items if I could steal them successfully, and if they were any good. On the other hand, I do not differentiate stealing from not stealing on the maps. My character's morals end where people's sight ends. There's lots of mundane stuff, "not yours" or otherwise, I didn't bother to mark (except in the first town, figuring first level characters need to grab everything possible before they can afford to start being discriminate).

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