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Cartography 101


So, You want to try your hand at Cartography?  It isn't as easy as it looks, but it can be a lot of fun, and the reward of doing something other gamers can appreciate is worth the effort.  You've got the game registered, and you've played it through once. But now you want to do some real exploring to find, and document, all the hidden places.  But to make the project a little easier, it pays to plan ahead a little.  What is the lay of the land you're going to map?  What are its dimensions, width and height?  Is it flat like the Second Avernum Trilogy, or does it have towns and dungeons, like Exile and the First Avernum Trilogy?  How best to lay out your web pages to present the map so that it is easy to understand and navigate?  For this lesson, let's take a look at Exile III.

Tools we will use:

I use freeware whenever I can.