Exile II: Crystal Souls

Hint Book

Table of Contents

Section 1.0: Introduction

Section 2.0: Getting Started - The Easy Way

Section 3.0: Where are the spells?

Section 4.0: What do I do in this chapter?

Section 5.0: How do I win the game?

Section 6.0 The Answers

Section 7.0: Useful Miscellaneous

Section 8.0: Points of Interest

Section 9.0: Map of Exile

Section 10.0: What does this item do?

Section 1.0 Introduction

Welcome to Exile II: Crystal Souls

Harehunter's Note:
This is the Official Hint Book as originaly published by Jeff Vogel. When he decided to no longer publish his hint book, I offered up this version. Now with his gracious permission, I submit this hintbook for your enjoyment.

As you are no doubt already aware, Exile II is a very in-depth, detailed game, even larger that its enormous predecessor. There are three overall game quests, all of them very involved, and a host of side missions as well. The worl is vast and ominous. Finding your way through the game and to its conclusion (yes, there is a conclusion) can be difficult, if not darn near impossible. Thus, this hint book.

This hint book contains many section. It is designed so that you can take the first hint given and not be told exactly what to do and where. If you don't want to mess around with mere hints, you can also go straight to the final answer.

It's your choice. Odds are, if you have a question, it's answered in these pages. Whatever you do, don't be ashamed of looking in this book. Exile II is a product designed for fun. If you're stuck somewhere, and the game is no longer fun, you not only can, you should get an answer. Fun is the only important objective. This book is here to increase it. So go forth, and conquer Exile II! If you're stuck, this book will be waiting for you.

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2.0 Getting Started - The Easy Way

Exile II is a tricky game to get established in. The missions are difficult, and the monsters are challenging. Still, there are many opportunities to get ahead, if you know where to look.

The first thing to do upon creating your party is go to the storehouses to the east, and grab everything you can. Don't forget to search for secret doors in the northern walls - there are two nice items in a hidden room. Also, look for gold behind the building you start in.

Be careful around Fort Ganrick now. Soon, it will be attacked by Nephilim while you are entering or leaving. Don't hang around unless your party is in pretty good shape.

Now go to Fort Draco and buy a little better equipment. It's time to start adventuring.

The best place to start is probably the dungeon directly underneath Fort Draco. It's small, not too challenging, and very convenient to back from. Going to Gunston's Homestead is a good idea, too. The salamanders are a tough fight, but the reward is a good one.

There are now two dungeons to gain experience and treasures: the Nephilim Castle and the Verdant Valley. It's probably better to start at the Castle - there's much more treasure on the monsters inside it. Do the small, secret cave to the north of the Nephilim Castle first (remember - you search for secret passages by walking into the walls). This is the best route to get inside the Castle. Also, be careful - it's easy to move too far in and get ambushed by monsters on the way out when you're weak.

Most monsters in the Verdant Valley don't have loot. On the other hand, they aren't as tough as the monsters in the Nephilim Castle (for the most part), and there are two good piles of treasure in the place. The first is in the brigand's lair in the northwest corner. The other is in the sub-dungeon filled with lizards you can find int the southease corner of the dungeon.

OK. Suppose you're sick of these two dungeons. Now what? Well, the spiders across the river from Fort Draco send you on a misison to fight the aranea. Aranea are tough, but they have a lot of loot, and the reward is lucrative.

After going through these adventures, your party should be tough enough to start exploring in earnest. One warning - when the Vahnatai spirit shows you the exit in Formello, don't go down it too quickly. It's a one way trip, and if you aren't prepared, you don't stand a chance.

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3.0 Where are the spells?

Where are the Alchemical Concoctions?

  1. Weak Poison - Need Toadstools or Spider Glands.
    Get recipe from Townsend (Formello).
  2. Weak Curing - Need Comfrey Root.
    Get recipe from Piglet (Tower of Magi).
  3. Weak Healing - Need Comfrey Root.
    Get recipe from Piglet (Tower of Magi).
  4. Medium Poison - Need Toadstools or Spider Glands.
    Get recipe from Townsend (Formello).
  5. Medium Curing - Need Glowing Nettle.
    Get recipe from Walner (Fort Duvno).
  6. Medium Healing - Need Glowing Nettle.
    Get recipe from Walner (Fort Duvno).
  7. Strong Poison - Need Crypt Shrooms or Asp Fangs
    Get recipe from Cochran (Patrick's Tower).
  8. Graymold Salve - Need Graymold.
    Find recipe in bookshelf in laboratory in northwest corner of Patrick's Tower.
  9. Resurrection Balm - Need Ember Flowers.
    Get recipe from Largo (Dharmon).
  10. Weak Energy Potion - Need Crypt Shrooms.
    Get recipe from Cochran (Patrick's Tower).
  11. Strong Healing - Need Ember Flowers.
    Get recipe from Largo (Dharmon).
  12. Killer Poison - Need Asptongue Mold.
    Get recipe from Ethridge (Isolated Home, near cave of Motrax).

Where are the Mage Spells?

Level 1:

Identify - Coven Cove
True Sight - Aranea Web

Level 2:

Summon Beast, Conflagration, Dispel Field - Kosdar, on hill west of Fort Duvno

Level 3:

Wall of Force - Verdant Valley, or Postlethwaite in Fort Dranlon
Resist Magic - Cotra

Level 4:

Capture Soul, Simulacrum - Buy from Seno in Egli
Poison, Ice Bolt, Slow Group, Magic Map, Venom Arrows, Wall of Ice - Buy from Miles in Formello

Level 5:

Dispel Barrier - Get in Fort Emerald (must kill Limoncelli first)
Stealth, Major Haste, Firestorm, Fire Barrier, Summoning, Shockstorm, Spray Fields - Buy from Kayannan in Tower of Magi

Level 6:

Mindduel - Get from Suzanne in Tower of Magi.
Flight - In Pyrog's Cave
Major Poison, Group Fear, Kill, Ravage Enemy, Daemon, Antimagic Cloud - Buy from 'X' in Tower of Magi

Level 7:

Shockwave - In Empire Archives
Major Blessing - In Solbergs's Tower
Recharge - In Tower of Elderan
Protection - Get in Gnass as reward for recovering Amber Amulet
Major Summoning - In Tower of Elderan
Force Barrier - In Trapped Halls (caves where sixux is hiding)
Quickfire - Get from Rentar-Ihrno, in return for Mica Tome
Death Arrows - Find in Akhronath, or get from ghost of Aimee in tunnel southeast from the northern islands

Where are the Priest Spells?

Level 1:

Minor Manna - Find in Aranea Web
Ritual of Sanctification - Find in library in western Formello

Level 2:

Move Mountains - Find in Nephilim Castle.
Charm Foe - Buy from Tokor-Te in Mancuso

Level 3:

Manna, Forcefield - Buy from Tokor-Te in Mancuso
Smite - Buy from Rhoads in Mertis

Level 4:

Cure Party, Curse All, Dispel Undead, Remove Curse, Sticks to Snakes, Martyr's Shield, Cleanse, Firewalk - Buy from Caius in Formello

Level 5:

Bless Party, Major Heal, Flamestrike, Mass Sanctuary, Summon Host, Shatter, Dispel Fields - Buy from Clarisse in Castle

Level 6:

Heal All, Revive, Holy Ravaging, Destone, Summon Guardian, Mass Charm, Protective Circle, Pestilence - Buy from Sarah in Dharmon

Level 7:

Revive All - Find in Kothtar (west of Fort Remote)
Ravage Spirit - Find in Akhronath and Dark Tunnel
Resurrect, Divine Thud - Buy from Arbanel in the Castle
Avatar - Get from Wilvron-Bok in Shrine of the Crystals
Wall of Blades - Find in Vahnatai Fortress or Erika's Tower
Word of Recall - Find in Castle
Major Cleansing - Find in Tiger's Den

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Chapter 4: What do I do in this chapter?

To use this section: Find your question in the appropriate section. Look at the number. Turn to the last section, and find the appropriate number in the list. This will be your hint. If more than one number is given, each number represents a hint, with later numbers giving more advanced hints. Read them from left to right; don't skip to the middle. The later hints will generally build on the earlier ones. If the clue gives a coordinate, use the level 1 Priest spell Location to find your current coordinatesl

Exile II is split up into 4 chapters, each with its own puzzles and goals. This chapter deals with the problems and questions likely to come up in each chapter.

Chapter 1 - The Barriers

This is the introduction of the game. Here, you build a strong parth, get used to the surroundings of Exile, and start figuring out what's going on. Don't be afraid to leave puzzles unsolved and dungeons unexplored - you'll be back here someday.

What is my goal in this chapter? 4
How do I survive the attack on Fort Ganrick? 22
I keep getting killed trying to get into the Nephilim Castle. What should I do? 14
There's a gate in the Nephilim Castle that asks me for a password. What is it? 21, 3
I found a path blocked by webs. How do I pass them? 13, 27
How do I steal Motrax's treasure without him attacking me? 2
I can't pass a corridor because I don't have "Magi Clearance." How to I get it? 12
I have to destroy this evil altar. I've found it. How do I destroy it? 20, 26
I found this door outdoors that asks for a password. What is it? 11, 25
How do I bring down these barriers outdoors that everyone's so upset about? 10, 19
I found this place called Solberg's Tower. How do I get in? 162

Chapter 2 - Dark Waters

Dark Waters involves a long, one-way trip through grim, monster infested tunnels. Many are the ruins and many are the dangers that must be faced, as you explore the abandoned lands of the mysterious Vahnatai. Dark Waters is a stressful chapter for many gamers, because of fears that something important will be left behind. Don't worry about it. The chapter is designed so that, even if you breezed through doing the absolute mininum you could do, you still will not damage your ability to finish the game in any way. So do what you want.

What is my goal in this chapter? 9
I'm stuck down a waterfall. How do I go back? 18
I found this weird creature called a Vahnatai in a house. What do I do? 8
I found this place called the Barrier Tower. How do I get in? 17
How do I open the gates in the River Fort? 11, 7

I'm trying to pay my respects to Dahris-Bok, but his dungeon is a pain!
What do I do with the levers? 16, 24
There's this room with three portculli. How do I pass? 6
The vampire keeps killing me! What do I do? 29

I thought the Vahnatai wanted to talk to me. Why are a bunch of them attacking me? 23
I found this dungeon where someone was trying to awaken a bunch of Vahnatai in these big crystal coffins. How do I do it? 5, 15
Once I reach the Vahnatai lands, Some towns won't let me in, and I can't speak their language! 30

Chapter 3 - Testing

At last, you get to meet the mysterious and threatening Vahnatai, the beings responsible for the barriers dividing up your homeland. You must learn their language and customs, and convince them to stop their attacks against you. There are many adventures in this section. Some of them must be done now, and some of them shouldn't be done until much later.

What is my goal in this chapter? 49
What should I do first? 53
I can't understand what the Vahnatai are saying, and they keep attacking me! What do I do? 38, 48
How do I pass the Test of Speed? 46
How do I pass the Test of Combat? 37
How about the Test of Mind? 54, 44, 51, 47
What do I do when I pass the tests? 36
What should I do in Olgai? 45
How do I get back to Exile? 52
Nobody in Fort Haledon wants to talk to me. 35

Other missions:

How do I get into the Vahnatai Fortress? 43, 50 What do I do once I'm in? 42
There's someone called Rentar-Ihrno. Where is she? 41
Where is the Mica Tome? 34
How do I get it? 33, 40
How do I pas Delrin-Bok's checkpoint? 39
How do I kill Delrin-Bok? 32

Chapter 4 - Crystal Souls

At last, you're ready to act! You know what is going on, and what you need to do, and you have the power to do it. There are three overall game missions, and much must be done to complete each. Better get to it...

What is my goal in this chapter? 56
There's a dungeon call the Trapped Halls with six levers. How do I enter? 69
How do I get in to see Athron? 101
How do I get past all these magical barriers (fire and force) in my way? 82
How do I create quickfire? 70
I need to cross a chasm (or lake). How can I get over it? 95
Where do I find graymold? 102
Where do I find the recipe for Graymold Salve? 71
I've found this diseased monster I need to heal. How do I do it? 96
I've found these Empire lands, but guards keep attacking me when I try to enter. How do I pass? 1044
I found this dungeon called Totem Tunnels. How do I get in? 107

Where is this item?

Red Pass 831 Blue Pass 98 Gray Pass 109
I found the dungeon the Blue Pass is in. How do I get into it? 107
Where can I find a fire lizard egg? 200
How about the Orb of Thralni? 105
How do I get Demonslayer? 72, 84, 97

What's the deal with security clearances and town missions?

What are the security clearances? 57
How do I get them? 73
Why do I get them? 74

Formello Mission -
How do I destroy the altar? 20, 26

Tower of Magi Mission -
How do I do it? 58

Silvar Mission -
Where is the Nepharim fort? 75
How do I free the slaves? 59, 89

Fort Duvno Mission -
Where is the slith fort? 60
What do I do there? 88

Mertis Mission -
Where is this weird fortress? 61
How do I get in? 76, 87
What do I do once I'm in? 90

Almaria Mission -
Where do I go first? 62
What do I do once I'm there? 77
Where do I go now? 91
How do I get in? 99
What do I do once I get in? 106
I finished the mission, but with Sixus dead. Can I keep him alive somehow? 103

Blosk Mission -
How do I start? 63
What are the steps to find the traitor? 78, 92, 64, 108

Patricks Tower Mission -
Where do I get Borgia Toadstools? 2022

Fort Emerald Mission -
Where do I go? 65
How do I kill him? 79

Fort Dranlon Mission -
Where do I go? 66
How do I kill him? 100

Dharmon Mission -
How do I get the plans? 67, 80

Fort Remote Mission -
Where do I look for the Pass? 93

What is this about a teleporter in the Tower of Magi?

What is it? 68
Where is it? 81
How do I use it? 94

What about the other missions?

There's a woman named Elspeth in Silvar who want's help finding Nance. Where do I look? 85

In Gnass, they're looking for an Amber Charm. Where do I look? 111
Once there, how do I find it? 112

Someone wants me to destroy Empire chaches. How many are there, and how do I do it? 86
How do I enter the caches? 25

The poor gremlins want their wives. Where do I go? 110, 113

In Ft. Dranlon, an agent named O'Rourke wants to break the giants morale by stealing some statues. How do I proceed? 110, 204

In Dharmon, a woman needs a package of medicine. How can I help her? 205

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Chapter 5: How do I win the game?

Exile II has three overall game quests, all difficult (some more than others). This section describes what they are, and all the steps necessary to complete them.

Mission 1: Return the three Crystal Souls to the Vahnatai

This mission is the most involved. Each Crystal Soul is hidden in a well guarded Empire stronghold, and each requires a good deal of effort to recover.

What do I do when I get a Crystal Soul? 114, 152

Crystal Soul of Jekknol-Bok

Where is it? 181
Where do I go first? 119, 189
How can I get into this fort? 167
How do I get the Crystal Soul? 139, 156

Crystal Soul of Caffren-Bok

Where is it? 190
Where do I go first? 120
Where is the key to get in? 50
Where is the item I need? 168
I have some evidence. What do I do now? 121
What do I do at Fort Haledon? 191
Where do I go then? 122, 140, 157, 182
Where do I go in Ornotha Ziggurat? 141, 175, 196

Crystal Soul of Vyvnas-Bok

Where is it? 151
Where do I go first? 115
And how do I get there? 136
And how do I get in? 162, 173
Where is Athron? 116
How do I enter Athron's lair? 153
What is the next step? 137
And where are those people? 174
How do I create quickfire? 117
How do I enter Akhronath? 154
How do I get out? 166
How do I get the crystal soul? 118, 115???, 138

Mission 2: Destroy the Empire's Teleporter

As you travel, you will hear horrifying rumors of a device the Empire is building: a massive teleporter which it will use to flood Exile with enemy troops. Unless it is destroyed, Exile will be in grave (probably mortal) danger. Better do something about it...

How do I get started on this quest? 192
How to I find Pyrn? 183, 125
How do I get the information from him? 170, 143, 159
How do I get the onyx scepter? 126, 177, 144
Where is the Tower with the information on the portal? 123
Where do I go then? 169
What do I do at the Empire Archives? 124, 142, 158, 176
Where do I go now? 203
How do I get through the first tower? 160
The second? 184
The third? 127
How do I get into the Portal Fortress? 197
How do I destroy the Portal? 128, 145, 171, 178, 193, 161, 185, 146

Mission 3: Slay Garzahd

Garzahd is the archmage who commands the Empire's forces in Exile, and the mastermind behind all their most sucessful plans. If he were dead, it would be a devastating blow to the Empire's army.

How do I start? 129
Who do I see first? 194
Who do I see now? 130, 147, 162
Where is a Ring of Will? 186
Where is a Blessed Athame? 180
How do I get through the waterfall maze? 135
I've found the Halls of Chaos. How to I get the athame? 150, 164, 188
Where is Garzahd? 179, 131, 148, 163, 132, 198
How do I reach him? 187
How do I cross the bridge to his fortress? 133
How do I pass these evil damaging runes in his fortress? 199
How do I get through his fortess? 149, 134
How do I survive all these monsters? 173
How do I kill Garzahd? 195

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Chapter 6.0 The Answers:

1. To open the gates, you need an item from a different dungeon. Explore a bit more.

2. You can't - Motrax's defenses are too good. If you want the dragon's stuff, you have to fight for it.

3. The password is 'Ghath'.

4. You goal is to find out about the barriers cutting you off from the rest of Exile, discover who created them, and begin your journey to meet them. This part ends when you take the boat you find after leaving through the passage in east Formello, and begin your journey to meet the Vahnatai.

5. Look for two scraps of paper. The information you need is written on them.

6. Stepping on a space in the 3x3 room south of the portculli opens/closes some portculli. The trick to to step in the northwest corner an odd number of times. Then the puzzle is easey. Leaving the dungeon and reentering resets the puzzle.

7. Go to the Watery Ruins, which are in the southwest corner of this outdoor section. In the northwest corner of this dungeon are hexagonal bars. Get one (or more - you can sell them later). Then return to the River Fort. There are two special spaces where you use the bars to open the gates to let your boat pass.

8. Just talk to him. He tells you a little bit about the Vahnatai and why they want you to visit them.

9. Your goal is to complete the dangerous journey down the river and reach the lands of the Vahnatai. This chapter ends when you pass through the dungeon Long Tunnel.

10. Boy! Those barriers are powerful! Maybe you should find out who made them.

11. You cannot do this until you reach Chapter 4. If you have reached Chapter 4... 25

12. You need to have earned Magi Clearance. You cannot do this until Chapter 4.

13. Perhaps some more friendly spiders can help you.

14. Remember - to find a secret door in a cave wall, just walk into it. Search for secret doors outdoors north of the Nephilim Fortress, and in the cave wall far west of the front gate.

15. Go to the control panel at the east end of the dungeon. Enter 'blwlb'.

16. There is a room with four portculli in the center of the room. Turning wheels causes some gates to open and some to close. Try exploring new areas when you can reach them.

17. You can't get in now. Don't worry - you'll be back here eventually.

18. You can't go back (without usnig the character editor). You have to fight your way through.

19. Go to east Formello. Get the message about the Vahnatai. Prepare, then expolore the opened area in the northeast corner of town. You'll find the route to Vahnatai lands.

20. Read about the first level priest spell. Anything look interesting?

21. Fort Ganrick eventually gets attacked by Nephilim. One of them, when killed, coughs up a valuable hint.

22. After a certain point in the game, don't return to Fort Ganrick until your party is fully healed and well armed. Let the soldiers run up and take most of the punishment. Throw in a few summoned monsters to help them. Bombard them with spells. Wait as long as you can before fighting them, so that more fort defenders can come help. Hopefully, they'll be softened up enough that you can take them.

23. Good question. Perhaps there's more than one faction of Vahnatai.

24. Enter the central room with the four portuclli. Leave by the east entrance. Find the wheel, pull it and return to the central room. Leave by the north exit, find the wheel, turn it and return to the center, got through the west exit, find and turn the wheel, return to the center, go out the south exit, and head west. Find Dahris-Bok and pay your respects.

25. The password is on a body to the west of Cotra. It's 'Skulls'.

26. Fnd the spell Ritual of Sanctification. It's in a library at the west end of Formello. You can get int by finding a secret door in the west wall of Formello.

27. Go to the Spider Caves. Look for a pool of slime. Rub it all over youself. You'll be able to pass the webs.

28. You need Royal Clearance. Wait until Chapter 4.

29. You can get around the vampire. Look for a secret door in the south wall of the room with 2 pillars.

30. To be able to speak the Vahnatai tongue, you need to perform a ritual in Avit.

31. This hint is not used.

32. To get in to Delrin-Bok, you need to position four levers, each in one corner of the fortress. The northwest and southeast levers need to be in the down position, and the northeast and southwest levers need to be in the up position. Then find your way through the maze and kill him.

33. You need to follow a trail of clues through the dome to find out how to reach the tome. Start by talking to the imp in the store.

34. It's in the lava dome. Start at Mancuso, and travel north a very long way.

35. You need to get a set of orders from the Council in Olgai, first, then find some evidence in the Vahnatai Fortress.

36. Go to Olgai and enter the Council Chamber. Submit to their mind scan.

37. Take your most powerful PC. Cast lots of hastes, slows, and such on him or her, and have that PC blast through it. You don't need to kill everything, just get through.

38. To be able to talk to the Vahnatai tongue, you need to perform a ritual in Avit.

39. Just pay the toll. By the time you need to go past here, you should have the money.

40. Say 'fish' to the imp until it tells you how to climb the tower. Go to the newly appeared door at the northwest corner, and keep climbing. Be ready for a fight.

41. There is a secret passage into the northwest corner of Avit, where Rentar- Ihrno is. It's at 28,20.

42. In the southwest corner of the fortress is proof that these Vahnatai helped the Empire steal the Crystal Souls. Find it and take it to Olgai.

43. You need a key. Look for someone named Gnee in Olgai.

44. In the second puzzle, it it impossible to get all three portculli open simultaneously. However, there is a secret door in the wall east of the second portal.

45. The Council Chamber is just off the courtyard. Enter it, and submit to the Council's mental probe. This will prove that not all humans are evil, and they'll take down the huge magical barriers until they can figure out who the real thieves are.

46. Take a mage with no armor. Go in combat mode, cast lots of haste spells, and run through. This is the easiest way through this.

47. The answers to the two riddles on the right are '1022' and 'vine'. The answers on to the two riddles on the left are '11' and 'statue'.

48. Go to the pools in the northeast corner of Avit. Touch the three pools, going from left to right.

49. You goal is to reach the Council at Olgai, convince them that Exile may not be guilty of stealing the Crystal Souls, and return to Exile.

50. Find Gnee in Olgai. Ask him about 'Empire'. Go to the tree behind the barracks in Avit and search it.

51. To get past the next maze (this is just one solution): Start in the space south of the reset button. Go east 1, south 7, east 6, west 3, east 3, south 2, west 2, east 2, north 9, west 2,south 3, west 4, south 4, east 6, south 2, then west.

52. Pass the tests, go to the Olgai council, and go east from the council chamber. There is a portal that will take you home.

53. Enter Avit. Talk to people and perform the Ritual of Welcoming.

54. The answers to the riddles on the left are 'heat' and '123'. The answers to the riddles on the right are '2', and '8'.

55. This hint is not used.

56. The goal is to finish the game, by recovering the Crystal Souls, destroying the Surface Teleporter, slaying Garzahd, or all of the above.

57. There are three security clearance, each reflecting how much secret information Exile trusts you with. The lowest, Soldier Clearance, you start with. The next highest is Magi Clearance, followed by Royal Clearance.

58. The snake cult is down the passage east of the Tower of Magi, and north. You need to go in, descend in the Snake Pit, fight your way out, kill the slith high priest, and report to Kelner.

59. First, you need to find a key. It's past a secret door in then Nephar Chief's quarters.

60. Find a set of totems north of Cotra. Stand on them, then walk straight west. You'll enter the slith lair.

61. The Brigand's Madhouse is hidden in the Honeycomb, west of Mertis. You'll need to find a secret passage.

62. Take a boat upriver from Almaria, looking for entrances in the cave wall to the east. Going through one, you'll find a large chasm. Go around to the south side of the chasm (you'll need to find a secret passage). Wander through every open space you can find. You'll eventually enter the Tower of Sixus. (If necessary, look at the map.)

63. Start in Almaria. Explore the Storage Bays to the north. Eventually, you'll be attacked by Empire Soldiers. Upon killing them, one of them will leave a clue.

64. You find out in Leith's library that identifying a piece of paper lets you read it.

65. To get to Limoncelli's fortress, take a boat a ways west from Fort Dranlon and then south.

66. The tower you're looking for is north of the fort. Start in a boat next to the town, and go straight north. The tower will be in the middle of a swamp on the left.

67. Kothtar is west of Fort Remote, in the very southwest of Exile

68. The portal is a teleporter in the Tower of Magi, which can teleport you anywhere in Exile, if you know the right password. You need magi clearance to reach it.

69. You need information from the Tower of Sixus. The third and sixth levers need to point left. The rest need to point right.

70. Go to Egli and ask Rentar-Ihrno about 'quickfire'.

71. Go to Patrick's Tower. Ask Patrick about his 'laboratory'. Search the desk in office and push the button. Go through the opening and search the bookshelves.

72. Ask Rone in the Castle about Demonslayer.

73. You need to complete three town missions to get Magi Clearance and seven to get Royal Clearance. When you've done this, go to the Castle and ask Gilda for 'clearance'.

74. Because if you don't get clearance, you won't be allowed in several very important areas.

75. The Nepharim Fort is northwest of Fort Duvno. Walk east from there to the cave wall, and follow the wall north.

76. First, enter from the east. Search for secret passages as you move in. Go through the secret passage, and when you reemerge in the passage you started in, go north.

77. Get to the southwest corner of the Tower of Sixus. You will find a scroll which will tell you where to go next and give you a hint on how to get in.

78. In the southeast corner of Almaria is an Empire hideout. Search it until you find a reference to a statue in Blosk.

79. Fight your way into the fortress. There's a stairway up by the docks to the south. Go up, and you'll find Limoncelli in the northwest corner of the fort. Kill him.

80. The plans are in the northeast corner of the second floor of Kothtar. Find the stairway on level 1 at 24,34. Go down. Go north to the lava pool and leave by the north exit. The plans are at then north end of a large room to the west.

81. It's in the southeast corner of the Tower of Magi.

82. You get this as a reward for slaying Limoncelli. Go to Fort Emerald, and complete this mission. The person you get the spell from is hidden in the northeast corner of Fort Emerald.

83. The easiest way to get one of these is to complete the mission for the friendly spiders northwest of Fort Draco. There is a red pass in the room they let you in for completing the quest.

84. You need to have recoveredtwo of the Crystal Souls before they'll trust you with Demonslayer.

85. Nance is in Fort Dranlon. Ask her about 'Elspeth'. Return to Elspeth with the word she gives you.

86. There are five caches, hidden west and north of where you get the mission. They're marked on the map.

87. After the entry passage, head north to the hall of crystals. Look for a secret passage in the east wall, go through it, and head due east. Avoid the other two passaged east.

88. Once in the slith fortress, kill a lot of them. When you've killed enough, you'll have completed the quest.

89. Once you have the key, go to the northwest corner of the dungeon, look for a lever and pull it.

90. You need to kill the leader of the bandits: an Eye Beast.

91. Look on the map for the Trapped Halls. Go there.

92. After talking to the statue, search all the braziers in town. Eventually, you'll find a scrap of paper.

93. The easiest blue pass to get is in a hidden fort on an island south of Cotra. Enter every space on every island you find (or look at the map for the Hidden Empire Fort).

94. Step into it, and say the correct three letter words. The possible codes are listed in the next section.

95. You need the Orb of Thralni. Look in the section on items.

96. You need Graymold Salve.

97. Go to the fountain in Patrick's Tower with a potted plant on either side. Search the two plants. Search the statue. Go through the secret passage and down the stairway. Send one person in to get the sword. Be ready to fight.

98. There is one of these in the Empire Fort, and another in the Unfinished Fort. See the map for locations.

99. In the hall with the levers, the third and sixth need to point left, and the rest need to point right. From there, head north. Give the lizard statues all your food. Eventually you'll reach a room with some mages. Fight your way through, pull a lever in a secret room to the north, and you'll be in. Search until you find Sixus.

100. Climb to the top level, fighting as you go, and kill Elderan. No nasty puzzles. However, some of the levers to open portculli are well hidden (one is under a crate, another is in one of the imprisoned monster's cells).

101. You need to speak with Erika Redmark first. Giving the name 'Redmark' will get you in.

102. Look on the map for the dungeon 'Moldy Cave', northwest of Fort Dranlon. Graymold is there.

103. If you kill any of the mages guarding Sixus, he commits suicide. To reach Sixus without killing the mages: at the crumbling wall just west of the lizard statues, cast Move Mountains or Shatter on the northern wall. Go through, and head west. When you reach another black wall, cast Move Mountains or Shatter again. Go through the second door in the west wall. Answer 'Bevan', and then 'If necessary.'

104. If they don't ask for a pass and there are lots of guards, forget it. There some Empire land you just can't enter.

105. The Orb of Thralni is on the third floor of Kothtar, in the northwest corner. It can be reached by the staiway on the second floor at 46,11 (there are trapdoors between the pillars just west of the staiway, but there are secret passages to help you get around these).
The Orb is in a room with a lot of pillars. To reach it, from the space just north of the door, go west 4, north 10, east 4, and south 4. You'll get hurt a lot on the way.

106. Once you reach and kill the mages, search the north wall for secret doors. Go past, and pull the lever. Leave the room to the west, go north, and go through the first door on the left. Of course, Sixus ends up dead, but that can't be helped. Or, can it?

107. You have to go up the river of lava. When you enter, head east, then north. Firewalk is a big help here.

108. When the paper is identified, go to the mayor and ask her about 'evidence'.

109. The Gray Pass is in the Totem Tunnels. (see map) I got there, but I can't get in! 107

110. Go north. Look for dungeons with giants.

111. The Amber Charm is in the dungeon Secret Sliths. How do I enter? 60

112. You must have asked Pathass, in Gnass, about 'ritual'. Go to the second level. Look for three pools in the southeast corner. Touch each of them. Search for a boat (past a secret passage), and go to the island in the center of the lake.

113. Go to the dungeon Giant Fort. The female gremlins are in the southeast cornter. You may need to use the spell Move Mountain. After finding them, return to the gremlin grove. In the back of it, you'll find the ingredients you need to make Power Potions.

114. First, go to the Shrine of Crystals. It's southwest of Olgai. Look for the right pedestal, and place the Crystal Soul onto it.

115. You need to ask the archmage Erika about Crystal Souls.

116. Athron is in the tunnels west of Mertis.

117. You get the Quickfire spell from Rentar-Ihrno, in Egli. Ask her about Quickfire. Then get her the Mica Tome. Where is it? 34

118. You need to get the Lich Key, which is hidden in the chamber beyond the lich at the east end of the dungeon.

119. There is a soldier who mentions seeing Vahnatai around Fort Dolthar (where Limoncelli lives). Go to Fort Dolthar (to get to it, look on the map).

120. You want to go to the Vahnatai Fortress, north of Mancuso, for evidence of the Crystal Soul's location. Where do I look in the fortress? 42

121. Take the evidence to the Council Room at Olgai. Then go west to Fort Haledon.

122. Leave the fort and enter the tunnel just to the west.

123. The fortress Mahdavi sends you to is the Tower of Elderan. It's in the middle of a swamp north of Fort Dranlon.

124. Enter via the north entrance and search the wall to the west for secret passages. The boat will get you over the lava. To get in you'll need the key from the center of the first level of the Tower of Elderan.

125. Ask Mahdavi about 'Pyrn'. She'll teach you how to find the teleportation code to reach him. Then use the Tower of Magi teleporter.

126. Go to the Lair of Sulfras. It's west of Fort Remote, and then a ways north.

127. To get past the hall of pillars in this tower: Stand at the northern doorway. Go south 1, east 5. You'll be teleported. Go north 2, east 2, north 1. You'll be teleported. Go south 2, east 6, south 6, west 1. You'll be teleported. Go west 2, south 2, west 2, south 2, east 4, south 4, and out.

128. Once inside, go north and look for a secret library. Search the bookshelves for instructions to use the teleporter.

129. Several people have information on Garzahd: Erika, King Micah, Rentar- Ihrno, Solberg. Speaking with all of them, you'll start to learn who Garzahd is, and how he can be dealt with.

130. Erika gives you a lead on how to reach Garzahd. How do I reach her? 136 How do I get in? 165, 173

131. Go to Blosk and ask Bartholomew about 'Thompson'. Examine the dresser in Thompson's room.

132. From the space north of the door into the pillar room: west 6, north 2, east 2, north 4, west 2, north 2, west 2, south 4, north 4, east 2, south 2, east 2, south 4, west 4, south 2, west 2, and straight north.

133. You need to have returned the Crystal Soul of Caffren-Bok, and asked Rentar-Ihrno about 'assault'. Then she'll help you cross the bridge.

134. Pull the lever at 30,1. Enter the teleporter at 40,1 and then at 7,35. Go north to meet Garzahd.

135. Start just south of the totems (which are west of the entrance to the waterfall area). Go south 3, down the waterfall, south 1, east 4, south 4, east 2, south 6, east 1, south 1, east 2, south 1, down the waterfall, south 1, west 2, south 1, down the waterfall, south 2, east 4, south 2, east 3, down the waterfall, east 3, and into the dungeon.

136. You need to use the teleporter in the Tower of Magi. The code to reach Erika is in the next section.

137. After Athron tells you where the Crystal Soul is, return to Erika. She'll send you to talk to two people: Ostoth and Enla.

138. The easiest way to get the Crystal Soul is to create a horizontal line of fire barriers north of the square barrier in which the soul is kept. Go through it, and create quickfire to the south of it. Grab the crystal soul (taking damage all the while), and run north through the fire barrier. Magic resistance or protection spells help.

139. The Crystal Soul is in the hall of mages in the northwest corner of the fort.

140. Go through the dungeon Barrier Tunnel. (If you played Exile, this dungeon may look familiar.) Move quickly - you have a time limit.

141. Make a beeline for the center of the first level of the Ziggurat. There are stairways up at 24,32, and 38,26.

142. First, find a secret door on the first level at 28,36. Descend the stairs and search the bookcases. This will gove some information about the teleporter.

143. Ask him about 'teleporter'.

144. Reenter the dungeon. Go to the dragon's dome. The scepter is beyond a secret door to the northwest.

145. Nest you need the key. The key is in a desk at 62,43.

146. Finally, you need to flee the dungeon. When you get out, you receive the game-winning message. Return to Mahdavi for a reward.

147. Solberg gives hints for how Garzahd may be killed. Where is Solberg? 162

148. Go to Fort Remote now. Ask Fraitus about Thompson. Search the painting at 25,42.

149. Take the teleporter at 1,21, and then at 29,41.

150. Once in the Halls of Chaos, you need two keys. Each is down a stairway at the northeast corner. However, you can't reach one stairway when a barrel exists on the level, and you can't reach the other when a crate exists. Stepping on 35,14 creates a barrel to the south, and stepping on 36,14 creates a crate. Fortunately, pushing the crates and barrels in the water makes them disappear.

151. This Crystal Soul is in the sinister Empire Fortress Akhronath. It's west of Fort Remote, but you have to get there by a roundabout route.

152. After placeing each Crystal Soul, return to the Council Chamber of Olgai for your reward.

153. As soon as you enter, head east and search for secret doors. Enter the portal beyond the passage. Enter the next portal, and answer 'redmark'. You will teleported to somewhere nasty, ant then can teleport back to the start. Repeat this process until Athron decides to see you.

154. You have to teleport there using the portal in the Tower of Magi. If you haven't found the coordinates in Ostoth's chambers. They're given in the next section.

155. Quickfire can't pass through fire and force barriers, but it does destroy other sorts of barriers. Perhaps you could create some quickfire but then control it.

156. The Crystal Soul is at 5,18. You have to fight through the mage's quarters, and slay the deadly Doomguard. This doesn’t take any great ingenuity, just lots of firepower.

157. Outside the other end of the Barrier Tunnel, go through the secret passage to the west, go through another secret passage farther west, and go north into the Ziggurat. Rest first.

158. Now descend to the second level. Search the bookshelf at 21,13. Go through the secret passage, and climb the stairway. Search the bookshelves in the tiny library.

159. Now search all all of the bookshelves on the south wall. One of them will tell you how to close a ruptured teleporter.

160. At the sword and crown buttons, enter 'scccsscccc'.

161. Now leave the Control Tower and get back to the teleporter as fast as you can.

162. Solberg is in a tower southwest of Formello. You need a boat to get to him. You also need Royal Clearance. His tower is hidden beyond some lava.

163. To unlock the door, you need the key you read about on the back of Thompson's dresser. The key referred to is in the west end of the Blasted Ruin. You need a Move Mountains or Shatter spell to reach it.

164. One key is in the pits of the trash that only one character can enter. It's in a secret passage under trash, at the north end of a narrow corridor. To get the other, you have to pass through the Spider's Maze. How do I pass it? 201
Once you get the keys, return to the first floor,a nd descend the stairway at 17,29. Go through the maze to the north. When you reach the room with three stairways up, take the northern one.

165. Enter Erika's Tower from the south. Pull the lever at 17,37 to open the portcullis. Pull the lever at 28,15 to open the next portcullis, then go north 1, east 5, south 2, east 4, north 2, and east to get through it. There is a secret door at 37,50. Pull the lever beyond it to turn off the ice walls.

166. You first need to kill everything in the Battle Pit, then climb the southern stairway. Search the pillars, and push the button you find. Send a PC out to find the lever which opens the doors. (It's at 22,61). Tip: Kill the golems through the window before sending a PC out. Finally, you need a key to get out. To find it, look at 118

167. Go to the Empire Docks to get a boat. Sail it around the cave wall north of Pyrog's cave, and look for a beach with two patches of white mushrooms. Search for a secret passage. If you spoke with the Council in Olgai, you'll be able to get into Pyrog's Fort.

168. The evidence is in a cabinet at 1,48.

169. Go to the Empire Archives. They're on one of the northern islands. To get there, you need a boat from the Empire Docks (to find this, look at the map).

170. First, don't free the guy from the pentagram - it's a demon.

171. Now go north to the portal. Go to one of the crystals at the center, and break it.

172. You need to have a very, very strong party with lots of energy potions (made using alchemy) and powerful spells and magic items. Buy a lot potions from Silverlocke, on the plateau west of the Castle.

173. The answers to the riddles for the northern statues are 'crown' and 'grave'.

174. Enla and Ostoth are both in the high clearance area of the Cave of Motrax. Ask Enla about 'research' and Ostoth about 'Akhronath'.

175. Once on the second level, the Crystal Soul is in the northwest corner of the level at 7,7. There are a lot of secret passages on this level. You can be healed of your damage at 32,32.

176. The stairway up out of level 2 is at 1,7.

177. Get the key at 40,46. Go find the dragon in the northeast corner of the dungeon, and free him. Leave the dungeon very quickly.

178. Now go up into the tower to the west of the portal.

179. You need to find a man named Thompson. He discovered where Garzahd is.

180. The Blessed Athame is in the Hall of Chaos, a bizarre fortress in the middle of the Waterfall Warren. The Waterfall Warren is west of Fort Dranlon.

181. This Crystal Soul is in Pyrog's Fort, a large Empire fort in northern Exile.

182. Once inside the ziggurat, you will need to fight a huge battle with the Empire defenders, including Garzahd (who flees when he takes only a little damage). If the Vahnatai attackers are with you, it's a difficult fight. Without them, it's very difficult, but not impossible. The point is to get out the northern exit. Hasting yourselves and making a run for it is an excellent option.

183. He's in the Barrier Tower (where you may have been before). You need to teleport there, and Mahdavi may be able to help you figure out how.

184. In the doomguard cave are four secret passages, one in each corner, each leading to a lever. Pull the one in the northwest, then the southeast, then the southwest, then the northeast and the gate will open. You don't need to kill the doomguard. In fact, it may be easier if you just run around them (or box them in with force barriers).

185. Go to the center of the portal area in between the two focusing crystals (in the middle of all the force walls). If you have the onyx scepter, you will be able to close the hole in the space-time continuum.

186. A Ring of Will is a big help in Mindduels. You can find one in the Tiger's Den, west of Patrick's Tower. It's at 2,2 in that dungeon.

187. When you find the teleportation code, go to the portal in the southwest corner of the Tower of Magi. Make sure your party is VERY strong. Use the code Thompson gives you.

188. The password to get the athame is either 'Plor', 'Fump' or 'Quib'. Try them until one works.

189. There is proof of the location of a Crystal Soul on the second level, at 35,8. Beware - there is a nasty trapdoor just before it. You'll need to find a secret passage to get around it. Magic Map helps.

190. This Crystal Soul is in Ornotha Ziggurat, a massive Empire fortress deep in their territory. You will need the Vahnatai's help to reach it. It turns out that a hidden passage in their territory leads to it.

191. To get the gates open, talk to Haineux. You can talk to him through the window. Take your orders to the office of Mahr-Tel, in the northeast corner. You will be attacked first. Once you reach hime, however, he'll tell you how to send the troops marching to Ornotha Ziggurat.

192. Find Mahdavi, in the Tower of Magi. She will be your source of instructions for much of this quest.

193. Once up in the tower, go to the control room (to the east). Say 'Khali' at the southern panel, say 'Bestas at the northern panel, then say 'Vrain' at the middle panel to activate the portal.

194. After returning the Crystal Soul of Caffren-Bok, go speak with Rentar- Ihrno. Ask her about 'assault'.

195. Killing Garzahd takes a lot of effort and wearing him down. Before entering his chamber, cast all the Major Hastes, Protections, and other spells you can spare. Take out as many of his henchlings as you can first. Then start wearing Garazahd down.

196. Once you have the Crystal Soul, immediately move west to jump out the opening in the wall. On the roof below, run south as fast as you can (hasting the party, and going into combat mode is the fastest way to move, and you can get off a few blows as you go).

197. Enter the dungeon with the portal. Go all the way to the west. One of the walls is moldy, and can be brought down with Move Mountains or Shatter.

198. You'll have to fight a nasty fight to reach Thompson. Once you do, ask him about 'knowledge'.

199. To pass the runes, when you step on them, select cutting them with the Blessed Athame.

200. They're in the dungeon Lizard Lair. They're in the northeast corner of the first level.

201. It's called the Spider's Maze because when you leave webs behind, you can use them to mark the rooms. From the room with two teleporters, enter the right teleporter four times, then the left portal.

202. You can get Borgia Toadstools in Egli. Ask Clodeca about them.

203. Look on the map for the Portal Fortress. You'll have to take a boat west from the northern islands, down a long river. Look for a ledge with swamp on it and search the cave wall for secret passages. Go through, and you'll be on the long path to the Portal Fortress.

204. One of these is in the Giant's fort, north of Ft. Dranlon. The second of these is in the Giant's Village, NW of there. The third is in the Giant's Cave north of that.

205. You will find the package of medicine on an island southwest of Cotra.

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7.0 Useful Miscellaneous

What order should I do things? -

Since Exile II is so large, and it's so tricky to figure out where to start, here's some suggestions.

First build a strong party (be sure to do the Nephilim Castle and the Verdant Valley) in Chapter 1, and then get through Chapter 2. After getting in to the Council at Olgai, most of the stuff left to do in Vahnatai land is pretty tricky, so return to Exile. Do the missions at the Tower of Magi, Silvar, Mertis, and Fort Duvno first. These are easiest, and will build up your strength.

Then do either the Blosk mission (very little fighting) or the Almaria mission. Getting Sixus will be a challenge, but it is still doable.

After that, you should be ready to do some serious questing. Go back to Vahnatai lands and do Resting Cell #4 or the Vahnatai Fortress. Or head north and do the Tower of Elderan and the giants caves (the latter doesn't have much useful for the overall quests, but is a good place to accumulate experience and loot). Also try the Unfinished Fort or the Hidden Empire Fort - neither is too taxing, and you can get a pass.

Now think about taking out Fort Dolthar. This is a must, and not only because you can get Dispel Barrier from Fort Emerald afterwards.

Now you should be strong enough to look at recovering a Crystal Soul or two. Shoot for Jekknol-Bok first, or Caffren-Bok. Don't go to Akhronath yet - it's very hard.

Finally, whatever you do, don't go after Garzahd until the very last. You'll need all the strength you can get.

Teleporter Codes -

These are the codes that can be used in the teleporter in the Tower ofMagi, and their destinations:

Ent Bel Tor - Formello
Kav Ait Bon - By Erika's Tower
Ell Pit Esk - Barrier Tower
Owa Tah Ful - Akhronath
Zed Pel Nog - Silvar
Ain Eff Wyx - The Castle
Air Tel Bah - Blosk
Vag Obb Tor - Garzahd's Fortress
Eas Ter Egg - Try it

General Pointers -

Magical Barriers are one of the most aggravating things for your parties. They're everywhere, hard to pass, and the mission to get the spell Dispel Barrier is difficult.
Fortunately, you can buy Piercing Crystals in Egli. These can break down magical barriers. Also, most barriers are fire barriers, which can be walked through at the cost of taking some damage.

Magical fields (flame, cold, blades, etc.) are pretty dangerous too. Fortunately, the spell Antimagic Cloud erases any field it's cast onto.

Using doors closes them. Using webs clears them

Once quickfire is loose, you only option is usually to run. However, there are ways to manage it. It cannot move diagonally, or through fire or force barriers. It moves slowly througn antimagic clouds. It's possible to box quickfire in, although it's tricky.

Some doors (generally ones that require keys) cannot be opened by lockpicking or Unlock Door spells. Others cannot have their locks picked - you need to use an Unlock Doors spell.

Many people don't find alchemy useful. However, killer poison on arrows is an excellent way to kill mages. What's more, you can make Potions of Energy, which are useful in long dungeon expeditions.

It is possible to steal items safely. The important thing is to make sure nobody can see you when you take it. Close doors, and put up magical barriers to block the view of the townspeople.

The spells Simulacrum and Capture Soul are very powerful - don't neglect them. The trick is to find the right sorts of things to capture

About the basilisks - Basilisks and Ur-Basilisks are two of the most dangerous sorts of monsters you can face. The best thing to do is find a crystal shield, and have your highest level priest equip it. That way, when you get the Destone Spell, you'll always be able to cast it.

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8.0 Points of Interest

The stuff in this section may not help much, but it will point out some interesting things you may have missed.

Be sure to visit the Giant Intelligent, talking, Friendly Spiders to the west of Fort Dracl. They make good comic relief.
A side note: if you ever play in one of Jeff Vogel's table top role-playing game sessions, expect to meet the spiders. Already, they have horrified many a gamer.

When destroying the Empire's Portal, be sure to not try closing the black portal with the onyx scepter and see what happens. Satisfying, huh?

There are five ways people in towns can improve your weapons.

Find the secret exit out the east side of the Lair of Sulfras?

Many of the people you meed in town are based on people I've met in real life. Many are friends. Others relatives. Elmer in Mertis is based on my grandfather (rest in peace). Others are based on waitresses who had my table when I was working during lunches, and others are based on friendly looking people who I waylaid as they passed by.
Finally, sets of NPCs in two towns were based on characters in two of my favorite TV shows. Can you find which? (Hint - I listen to a lot of Comedy Central while I program.)

Did you find the place to use the copper ankh? Talk to Linda, the Tower of Magi's resident psychotic in Exile? Notice the rather odd properties of the green crystal in Fort Emerals? Potential plot threads Exile III? Hmmm…

If you haven't done it, be sure to do the Test of Mind. It's a neat little dungeon.

In Chapter II, did you try picking up a bunch of spare hexagonal bars? Metal is valuable in Exile.

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9.0 Map of Exile

This is a comprehensive list of the towns/dungeons in Exile. By each town/dungeon name is a list of the important items that can be found at that location.

  1. Fort Ganrick (Where you start.)
  2. Nephilim Castle
  3. Nephilim Cave (back entrance to Nephilim Castle)
  4. Fort Draco (2 levels)
  5. Spider Caves
  6. Aranea Web
  7. Verdant Cavern (3 levels)
  8. Gunston Homestead
  9. Lair of Motrax
  10. Isolated Home
  11. Lizard Lair (2 levels, Fire lizard eggs)
  12. Peculiar Cave
  13. Blasted Ruins (Fedspar key, Formello quest)
  14. Tiny Slith Fort
  15. Formello (Passaged to Ruined Town)
  16. Clearing (Toadstools)
  17. Solberg's Tower
  18. Ruined Town
  19. Island Hut
  20. Barrier Tower
  21. Watery Ruins (Hexagonal bars)
  22. Ruined River Fort
  23. Ruined Villa
  24. Coffin Caves
  25. Tomb of Dharis-Bok
  26. Hydra Lair
  27. Long Tunnel (Passage to Vahnatai lands)
  28. Avit (Vahnatai key, Learn Vahnatai tongue here)
  29. Test of Strength
  30. Cotra
  31. Test of Mind
  32. Test of Speed
  1. Egli (Rentar-Ihrno lives here)
  2. Mancuso
  3. Resting Cell #4 (Get Soul Crystal here)
  4. Olgai (Portal to Tower of Magi, Council of Vahnatai)
  5. Ominous Crypt
  6. Shrine of Crystals
  7. Vahnatai Fortress (Evidence of Crystal Soul here)
  8. Lava Dome (Mica Tome)
  9. Tomb of Delrin-Bok
  10. Fort Haledon
  11. Barrier Tunnel
  12. Tower of Magi
  13. Serpent Cult (2 levels, Tower of Magi quest)
  14. Mertis
  15. Grim Cavern
  16. Silvar
  17. Fort Duvno
  18. Coven Cove (Identify spell)
  19. Nephar Fortress (Silvar quest)
  20. Totem Tunnels (Gray pass)
  21. Cave of Athron
  22. Brigand's Madhouse (Mertis quest)
  23. Hidden Empire Fort (Blue pass)
  24. Secret Sliths (2 levels)
  25. Almaria
  26. Tower of Sixus (Almaria quest)
  27. Trapped Halls (Almaria quest)
  28. Fort Dranlon
  29. Tower of Elderan (4 levels, key to Empire Archives, Fort Dranlon mission)
  30. Little Vale
  31. Giant Fort (female gremlins,giant statue)
  32. Giant Village (giant statue)
  33. Giant's Cave (giant statue)
  34. Flower Cave (Ember flowers)
  1. The Castle
  2. Camp Samuels
  3. Fort Dolthar (2 levels, evidence of Crystal Soul, Fort Emerald quest)
  4. Black Cube
  5. Dark Tunnel
  6. Moldy Cave (Graymold)
  7. Pyrog's Cave (Crystal Soul)
  8. Empire Docks (Can get boats to northern islands and Portal Fortress)
  9. Empire Archives (2 levels, location of Portal Fortress)
  10. Patrick's Tower (2 levels, Demonslayer)
  11. Fort Emerald (Dispel Barrier spell)
  12. Gnass (Protection spell)
  13. Blosk
  14. Unfinished Fort (Blue pass)
  15. Halls of Chaos (2 levels, Blessed Athame)
  16. Harston
  17. Portal Fortress (Can win game here)
  18. Tiger's Den (Ring of Will)
  19. Fort Remote/Abusive Trickery (2 levels, Thompson)
  20. Dharmon
  21. Guardpost
  22. Second Guardpost
  23. Third Guardpost
  24. Kothtar (3 levels, Dharmon quest, Orb of Thralni)
  25. Lair of Sulfras (Onyx Scepter)
  26. Akhronath / Battle Pit (2 levels, Crystal Soul)
  27. Erika's Tower
  28. Lava Isthmus
  29. Ornotha Ziggurat (4 levels, Crystal Soul)
  30. Garzahd's Fortress (win game here)

Exile west


Exile east


Vahnatai Lands

Section 10.0 What does this item do?