Exile II

Hint Book Hint Book for Exile II: Crystal Souls

With the hint books for Exile no longer in print, The Harehunter presents, with the approval of Jeff Vogel, a hyperlinked version of the hintbook for the enjoyment of all.

Here is a downloadable zip file so you may have help at your finger tips, even when offline.

Maps for Exile II are here.

Versions of Exile II

There were two main versions of this game. There are no doubt some differences in the game engine itself, but the most obvious difference was the graphics. There has been much discussion on the Spiderweb Forum as to preference to these different graphics. The only one available for download from Spiderwebs website is version 2.0.

Version 1 Graphics are here.

For those who have never seen them and are curious and for those who have seen them and prefer them I present a zip download of these graphices. You can use them in version 2 of the game by replacing the version 2 files with these. Please make sure to make a backup of your game before doing this.

While there are other sites you can download version 1, the Windows installer often has trouble. That is in part caused by the fact it was written for Windows 3.1, a 16-bit OS. Therefore, I present a zipped copy of the installed versions.

One other alternative is to install it in a DOSBOX shell. I have gotten it work in DOSBox, but you have to install either Windows 3.1 or Windows 98 within the DOSBox shell.

I have done the Win3.1 install, so I know it works. I have not tried the Win98 yet, but supposedly it works OK. Once you have that installed, install the game and get it registered. Make a backup copy of the entire directory. You can then move the game into another directory, or re-install it from the backup if needed.

At this point you can either play the game in DOSBOX mode, or you can create a shortcut to it and set your compatibility mode there. One caveat; it does require a 16/32-bit OS. XP-32bit works fine, but any 64bit OS will do 32-bit apps, but not 16-bit.

These are not registered games. If you have a registered version 2 installed, you can copy the MISC.DAT file into the directory, or you can contact Spiderweb Software for a registration key.

Version 1 in a downloadable zip file
Version 2 in a downloadable zip file