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The Crocodile's Tale

Hearken to the moral of the Crocodile's tale.

"When cometh the day of Great Gnu Migration, seekest thou not thine quarry,
for in such seeking thou shalt surely seek in vain.
For knoweth this; thine quarry, the Gnu, be fleeter of foot than thou
and upon the dry land can easily evade thine attack.

Therefore I charge thee, seekest thou not thine prey upon the open land,
but lie instead within the cloak of thine own element, the river muddied with sand.
Patiently bide thy time in vigilance, and thou shalt most surely be rewarded.

For as surely as thou dost not seek thine quarry, it shall surely become emboldened,
and in such wise, cast caution to the wind.

When such opportunity doth present itself, with thine mighty tail, thrust thyself fully upon thine prey,
grasping it in such vise-like grip as thou hast, and drag it unto the realm of thine demesne;
thusly shalt thou reap the reward of thine diligence."

"Seek and thou shalt seek in vain.
"Seek not and thine quarry shall find thee."

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