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Excerpts from the Punnish Wars

Punn State University

Harehunter: Why did the ox ford the river?
Randomizer: Because he couldn't came bridge,
Triumph: Yeah, you really spliced that one together.
Harehunter: It's a good thing I ducked over here to drop that pun. I didn't want to be Yale'd at on the other thread.
Randomizer:That would have been an ivy league mistake instead of a bush league one.

Logically Speaking

Miramor's Dad: There's the exit to Norwood. Nandwood should be coming up next.
Miramor: Uh what?
Dad: Never mind, just booling around.
Aloreal: Both are gated communities, right?
Alorael, who is pretty sure most woods are norwoods. Topography tends to be non-overlapping.
Y? Bcaus, IDK he's on 3rd & IDC: Couldn't find nandwood, but I did find needwood.
Harehunter: When ever I needwood, I lumber over to the yard, and pick out some deadwood.
I try not to select any knotwood, because it weakens the structure.
Also I make sure I select norwood for the north side, southwood for the south side, westwood for the west side, and Eastwood when I need a Dirty Harey.

Don't be shocked by watt you see here.

Randomizer: I don't think I have the brain wattage to keep current with the puns. It hertz my brain.
The Mystic: Watt happens when you ask your friends a question that's a pun? Do they give you a blank stare and say, "Ohm..." before replying?
Actaeon: Watt is love... baby don't hertz me. Don't hertz me. No morse.
Harehunter: Randomizer, your cpu has developed a re-volting electromotive force, and you will surely meet with resistance from meditating monks whose mantra is "Ohm, Ohm...". I suggest you take an alternating current across a Wheatstone bridge and proceed directly to ground.
The Mystic: How shocking! You certainly have the spark of imagination, Harehunter. You're getting so good that you just might direct current pun standards to a higher level than they ampere.
Harehunter: For a pun to really hertz, remember that the amplitude of its pungency is in direct negative proportion to the frequency of its modulation. Otherwise it gains a negative feedback, and that really hertz the ears.
The Mystic: To make puns as electrifying as that, I suppose one needs to be grounded.

And more electrifying puns

I dont' remember how this got onto the topic, but Lilith made reference to an article of making jellyfish.

Student of Trinity retorted: Well, they made jelly out of rat cells. Not so much a jellyfish. That is, they made a blob of cells that moves in water like a jellyfish when you run current through the water. If you stop the current, the jelly stops moving. It has no internal power source.
So this is only a rather modest step up from making dead frog legs twitch with current, as Galvani did in 1771.

Harehunter:What Lilith was pointing at sounded like current events. But SoT's shocking revelation was downright re-volting. I find his posts galvanizing.

Electrolytically speaking, though, I suppose only Rentar-Ihrno has the capacitance to pull off a stunt like this. Did the Vahnatai ever bring her up on charges for that? They would have to present their case to the short circuit judge.

And speaking of the Greeks, I think I remember they had an architectural style known as ionic. But I don't recall that they ever had one called anodic. I have a whole battery of questions like that.

I suppose I need to rectify my ways, but I don't want to burn my wheatstone bridges behind me. Besides the semi-conductor on the train won't let me board anyway.

I'm running low on EMF due to a high resistance to my punning, so I think I'll go ohm and take a nap.

The Mystic: Well, no matter where you're going with that nap, just make sure you put it back where you found it once you're done with it.

Randomizer: so that was an ohmage to truly shocking electrical puns.

"Waiter, there's a soup in my fly."

Ah, now I recall, Cairo Jim quoted this signature from the Qu'Ran:
"Men can not create even a single fly, even if they all gathered for that purpose!"
After chasing down the jellyfish path, which I had moved to the Pun thread, we returned to the Memorable Quotes thread.

Harehunter: Overheard at the restaurant:
Customer: Waiter, what is this fly doing in my soup?
Waiter: I appears to be doing the backstroke.

The Mystic: That's about as bad as one I heard:
Customer: Waiter, there's a fly in my soup!
Waiter: Don't worry, he won't eat much.

Lilith: and when you get sick of the customer complaining, dump the soup in his lap and say "and now you have soup on your fly"

Aloreal: The waiter looked at the customer with surprise. "Sir, whatever gave you the idea that the soup was yours?"
"You put it in front of me!" the customer protested.
"Hmph! I thought you were someone who could be trusted with soup. Clearly I overestimated you."
Alorael, who believes this scene is best followed by a ten minute, slow-motion shootout between customers and waitstaff.

A Little Moderation Please.

 In the aftermath of porting the Forum to a new server, this exchange took place.

Actaeon:  It's disconcerting to have Sylae doing these things instead of Aran. Next thing you know she'll be manufacturing her own bots.
... It occurs to me that the Refuge has grown in influence lately. Perhaps I am too late with my warning. Perhaps I am one of them.

Aran:  Perhaps I am. You know I'm a bot. Maybe she built me?
But seriously, it's very relieving not to be the coder on call whenever the boards are on fire or something. Four hooves are fbetter than none, or however that goes.

Student of Trinity:  Getting more of this expertise onboard was one reason we hired Sylae. We felt that it behooved us.
(Harehunter's note: Remember that Sylae's avatar is a pony.)

Aran:  I think we're now manely done with the puns, neigh?
(Oh dear, I think I'm infected.)

Dikiyoba: That final pun doesn't even make sense. -1 for you. Dikiyoba always reads the behooved pun as a Cult of the Nine-Headed Cave Cow joke, but apparently that cult has been put out to pasture.

Triumph: You mods need to rein it in and quit horsing around.

Tyranicus: (Punpolice.gif)

Triumph: "Moderation in all things."

Excalibur: You know, it's a bad thing when I start associating the pun police picture with Tyran more strongly than the Nethergate opening image.

Tyranicus:  Alas, bad puns appear more frequently than "What game should I play?" threads.

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