Harehaunter   Harehaunter's Hutch

Harpy Thymes

One day as Harehunter was wandering his way to the carrot patch, he noticed a trail leading into the forest that he had not seen before. Curious, he made a slight detour to see where it led.

A fair piece down this trail, he encountered a woman standing behind a bush at the side of the trail.

"Good day to you, madam," greeted the Harehunter. "Good day my rear end, s**t for brains." replied the woman.

As Harehunter approched, he came close enough to see that the woman had the body of a rather ugly bird. He immediately recognized that this woman was a Harpy.

"What are you doing here on this secluded trail?" asked Harehunter. "I am taking time off for the holidays, d****ss." replied the harpy. "Oh, Well harpy holidays to you." replied the rabbit.

With an indignant squawk, the harpy took wing and flew straight at Harehunter, talons extended. Harehunter bolted back up the trail, and as he beat a hasty retreat he started singing a tune he had heard many years ago on the Roy Rogers Show,

"Harpy trails, to you
until we meet again..."

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